WordPress support Plans Comparison

Well, A number of situations can compel you to buy them. You can either be so busy in your work, uploading, and managing the content that it may seem a tiresome job for you to maintain on your own. Also, you may not be well familiar with maintaining a WordPress website in the first place. Hence, it can be a good choice for you to select a suitable client that offers WordPress support plans.

There are a number of clients that offer WordPress care plans across the web. So it becomes a hard choice for the users to select the one that is the most appropriate for them. Here, at WP-WIN, you have the choice to choose from either yearly or monthly plans. These plans are further divided into 3 more forms for the ease of the customer. The customer can select the one that fits their needs and pricing bracket the most.

Below, you will find a comparison table where WP-WIN plans are given and are compared to 3 other clients who offer more or less the same perks as we do.






Monthly Plan

Basic $29.95

Standard $39.95

Premium $49.95

Basic From $67

Advanced From $347

Standard $59

Professional $179

Enterprise $299

Maintenance $29

Content Edits $79

Page Builds $1299

Yearly Plan

Basic $359

Standard $455

Premium $539

Basic $672

Advanced $3480

Standard $162/Quarter

Professional $492/Quarter

Enterprise $822/Quarter


Note: These details are correct as of May 16, 2020. The features that each of the competitors’ offers are not given in the table.

As the table suggests, our pricing is more competitive compared to the other clients. As for the perks, our basic package covers enough benefits that will be fit for the basic users. If you want to have your website maintained in the best manner, then you always stand a choice to select either from the standard or premium plan.

As for the premium plan, it is the most feature-loaded package that we are currently offering. The premium perks that you will avail from this plan include active tracking and uptime monitoring, website optimization, emergency fixing, and many more.

So keeping in mind the features against that pricing that we currently offer, WP-WIN can be the only client that you need for your WP website support. Our WordPress support plans are rich in features and carry the potential of helping customers to assist them in coping with challenging situations.