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7 Tips to Make Your WordPress Website More Secure

WordPress is a content management platform that is used by multitudes of users where they can share their thoughts with the world. The data uploaded on a WordPress site could be vital and really dear to the uploader. Hence, it comes as the general desire of WordPress users to have their websites managed securely. While WordPress is one of the most secure content management platforms out of the lot by default, there is always room to make it safer and securer. In this article, we will talk about 7 ways to secure your WordPress website. 

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

1. Install SSL Certificate

It is possible that many of you may not be familiar with this term. SSL Certificate provides encryption of the details between a server and a client. For example, no one would want their WordPress vital credentials to be sighted by bad eyes, that is where SSL Certification comes handy. It enables the https protocol and makes the web sessions securer. If a user visits an insecure website without SSL Certification, a warning sign appears right along the address bar of the website. That is the sign denoting that this certain website is insecure, and hence, should be avoided. 

2. Do not use Nulled Themes and Plugins

Everybody wants to make their website look fancier and enchanting. One way to achieve it on a WordPress website can be using Nulled themes and plugins. Nulled themes and plugins are basically defined as hacked or compromised add-ons. It’s not that you will have to answer to some investigation agency for using them. They actually come under the heading of General Public Licensed stuff. But in general terms, they are not good for your WordPress website’s health as they can cause damage and can prove to be a bad idea at the end. Hence, it is better to use the official premium version of WordPress that comes with custom plugins and themes. 

3. Use Captcha

Captcha is used to make a WordPress website securer against hack attacks. It is basically a computer-generated program that asks for information from a user to verify the identity. Captcha is really easy for a human to solve but conversely, harder for a spambot to pass. In the early days, a numeric-alphabet captcha was used for verification. Nowadays, a more versatile form is available where a user is asked to provide verification through a number of picturized questions. On a successful entry, the user is given authenticated access. 

4. Change your WP-login URL

Another way to make your WordPress website securer is to change your WordPress login URL. You would be thinking why should I change my login URL, the answer is simple. If you try to login through the default URL page, you are more exposed to web threats. You are more prone to be attacked by hackers through the default page. Hence, changing the URL page can be another good way to make your WordPress website secure.

WP-WIN can also set up this change for your WordPress website, free of charge. 

5. Limit Login Attempts

This technique seems simple but can prove to be a great asset for your website against hackers and spambots. By default, WordPress allows unlimited login attempts which may prove to be more of a trouble than an advantage. But with this technique, you can limit the number of login attempts. The advantage of the same will be that someone trying to log in to your website will automatically be restricted after the login attempts limit is reached. Hence, the chances of your website getting hacked get low and it will become safer.

WP-WIN can also help you in restricting your login attempts, again, without any cost.

6. Install a WordPress security plugin

As said before, WordPress itself is one of the safer content management platforms. But there are always ways to enhance that default level of security. One of the ways is to use WordPress security plugins that act as a firewall in front of your WP website. A firewall plugin can filter hacking attempts, can check on the access requests, and reject them in a smarter way. It can also scan files, malware, and protect from dark-web attacks. Hence, your website stays securer than before.

WP-WIN can perform this task as well for you to stay at ease, and that too without any charges.

7. Use a Strong Password

The last thing we want to discuss making your WordPress website securer is the login password. Yes, it’s the password that hackers can access and can dethrone you from your website. A strong password, however, can change those odds very much. Gone are those days when passwords used to be simple. Now, most of the websites have implemented a standard of setting a password where the user has to choose from both numbers and alphabets to make things tougher for dark elements. Hence, it is recommended to use a password that is a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols such as #, @, etc. You can always save it in both digital and physical forms in case you fear of forgetting it.


So these were some points that can sure help you make your WordPress website more secure. But it can sometimes feel hectic and tiresome to deal with all these steps such as installing SSL Certificates or plugins. That is where WP-WIN comes to your help. We, here at WP-WIN, provide WordPress management services as well as WordPress support plans and WordPress security. All this is done through our services such as managed WordPress update services, 24/7 malware scanning, and reliable WordPress backups.

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