Why ecommerce site must in 2020

Why eCommerce Website for Your Business is a Must in 2020

Are you a business person or someone who’s about to start a new business in the near future? If you’re not yet convinced about whether or not to invest in an eCommerce website, here are a few benefits of eCommerce websites that you might want to consider.

The demand for online shopping and services has been increasing tremendously in the last few years. And on top of that, COVID-19 happened; a pandemic that forced people to stay inside their houses resulting in great losses for many businesses. The only businesses that managed to survive were the ones that provided services/goods online. So if you don’t have an eCommerce website for your business yet and want to reconsider that decision, this article will help you make your mind.

Why is it important to have an eCommerce website for your business?

1. Reduced Costs

It goes without saying that an online store that exists virtually will cost way less than a physical store that needs actual physical space.

In a physical store, you have to pay for space, electricity, internet, manpower, etc.  (It’s a long list)

On the other hand, for an online store, you will just have to pay for a domain, hire a professional to set-up your website (or you can do it yourself using platforms like WordPress) and if you don’t know much about how to maintain and protect your website there are services available to help you out with that too. WordPress maintenance services like WP-win help you keep your website up-to-date so that your business can keep running smoothly.

2. Open 24/7

Unlike a physical store, which works on a schedule, has an opening and closing time, and is closed on holidays, an online store is always open.

Be it midnight or a Sunday or Christmas, a customer could always browse through your store’s collection, choose what they like, put it in the cart, and order it; all of this from the comfort of their homes and without causing an inconvenience to you either. This can only mean one thing. More Business!

3. Global Marketing

In the case of a physical store, your customers are limited to your area, or at best, your city.

But if you’re planning to grow your business to reach other cities and countries even, an eCommerce website is the best approach for it. Because when you have an online store, any place that you can manage to deliver your goods/services becomes your potential market.

4. Helps you understand your customers better

With an eCommerce website, you can easily track which product is selling better among which group of customers (age-wise, gender-wise, location-wise, etc.) and that would help you modify your marketing techniques accordingly. And marketing in the right direction can do wonders for your business growth.

5. More Marketing Opportunities

When you decide to bring your business online, you’d find tons of new opportunities for marketing. There’s social media marketing which in itself is a very large field because there are so many social media platforms available.  Then there is email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and much more. All these techniques will help your business grow exponentially.

6. Keeping up with the competition

We are leading towards digitalization every day and there’s no denying it. Nowadays, people, especially youngsters, prefer everything online. Be it studying, entertainment, working, chatting, or shopping, we want it done with one click from the comforts of our homes. And now that a pandemic has hit us, no one wants to go out and risk their health when they have the option of shopping online.

So, businesses with an eCommerce website clearly have an advantage over businesses without one.

7. Easier to Browse

An online store is way easier to browse through for a customer as compared to a physical store. You can create different tabs for different categories and with a search bar, anyone could find their desired product within seconds. And for this reason, you have to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

These are a few general benefits of eCommerce websites and you’ll find there are many more once you take your business to the online world. Business is all about knowing what your customers want and catering to their needs. And in these times, customers want your business to be online so that it’s easier and more convenient for them and also less time-consuming.

So, get yourself an eCommerce website to give your business a head start.

Good Luck!