WordPress Maintenance Service

What are WordPress maintenance services?

WordPress is a well-Known platform for creating, uploading, and sharing content on the internet. Millions of users have used and are still using WordPress to create and manage websites of varying niches; it could be someone pursuing blogging as a hobby or someone wanting to promote their business, or someone building their portfolio. One thing common in all these websites is that regular maintenance is required for the proper working of these websites. And it’s not always possible for a WordPress user to be able to maintain a website by themselves. As an alternative, there are WordPress maintenance services like WP-WIN that offer to keep the client’s WordPress website up-to-date so that the client just has to focus on their content and not the technicalities.

What is the importance of a WordPress maintenance service?

First, let’s talk about why a website needs maintenance. The Internet is amazing as it allows you to share your content all across the world but it’s also a dangerous place. There could be many potential security threats to your website that you might not be aware of. Hence, to keep your website secure you need to keep a regular check on everything. And for the same reason, you need to keep your data regularly backed up.

Secondly, the digital world is continuously and exponentially growing. Be it a new plugin or theme update or an update for the WordPress core, there is always something new to keep up with. And if not done so, it could hinder the working of your site.

Lastly, it is even more complicated for an eCommerce website because there are payment integration and transactions involved. And the need for security checks also increases.

Now, it’s possible that you don’t understand technology well enough to keep everything updated or you simply don’t have that much time. This is where a WordPress maintenance service can be helpful in keeping your website safe and updated.

Why choose WP-WIN?

Our goal at WP-WIN is to your experience with WordPress as pleasant as possible. We have fabricated different plans for you so that you can choose exactly what you need. There are three plans namely- Basic, Standard, and Premier. And for all these plans, you can choose a yearly or a monthly based package according to your requirements.

So what do all these plans offer and which one should you choose? For bloggers and freelancers, we recommend the Basic plan; it covers benefits like daily cloud backup, daily security scans for malware, live chat support, plugin and theme updates, and some more valuable features. The Standard plan is ideal for small business; it offers additional benefits like security monitoring and website performance check. And the Premier plan provides you with all the maintenance tools required to keep your website up and running like payment integration, activity tracking, emergency fixing link broken report and so much more. So choose WP-WIN to keep your website top-notch and secured.