WordPress Management Services

WordPress is trusted by millions of users as a platform for setting up websites and uploading their content, its user-friendly interface being one of the main reasons for this. But just creating a website and uploading content isn’t enough. Regular maintenance and management are required to keep a website up and running. In cases where the users are unable to manage their websites by themselves, they can hire a WordPress management services to do the job for them.

What do these WordPress management services do?

Different services may provide different features also depending on which package you choose. But let us discuss some of the common perks that are required for the management of your website.

Regular updates– Things keep changing constantly in the digital world. New updates keep coming for the plugins, themes, and the WordPress core itself. Keeping up with the updates is an important part of managing your website because if not done so, the proper working of your website could suffer.

Security scans – As the digital world is growing constantly, so are security threats. That is why it is important to keep a regular check on your website so that no malware can harm your content.

Data backup – As they say, precautions are better than cure. Even after taking all the security measures, it is important to keep a backup.

Database optimization – Database optimization means to optimize your database in a structural way as to maximize the speed and efficiency of your website. This is important because the audience in the online world is impatient. And if they can’t find the information they need instantly on your website they would move on to another site without thinking twice. So, data optimization is important for the growth of your website.

Live chat support – A good WordPress management service would be the one that provides live chat support so that if you need help with something you could always reach out to them.

What perks does WP-WIN offer?

WP-WIN lets you choose between three packages,

  • Basic Plan– This plan provides you with all the above-mentioned perks i.e. daily cloud backups, daily security scan for malware, live chat support, and much more.
  • Standard Plan – This plan includes all the benefits of the basic plan and a few additional ones like security monitoring and website performance check.
  • Premier Plan – Premier plan offers all the benefits of basic and standard plan and many more like payment integration, Google Analytics integration, emergency fixing, link broken report, etc. in short the Premier plan includes everything you can ask from a WordPress management service.

All these plans are available at very reasonable prices and also, you can choose to pay either on a monthly basis or a yearly basis according to your convenience.

So if you want to keep your website safe and working smoothly, choose WP-WIN.